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Healthier You Points (HY-Points)

How To Earn Points? …Just R.O.A.R.!
Refer Others = 100 HY-Points

The greatest compliment clients can give is the referral of their family, friends, and colleagues to our care. For every referred person that becomes a client, we will award 100 HY-Points!

Outstanding Oral Health Evaluation = 100 HY-Points

Our core objective is to move every client towards optimal total health. Therefore, we consistently monitor how clients maintain their oral health between visits and reward progress with points.  For every instance that clients maintain or improve their oral health score since their last wellness appointment (at least 2 months between visits), we will award 100 HY-Points for the health achievement.

Attend Scheduled Appointments, On Time! = 50 HY-Points

Scheduling, missing, or showing late for oral health appointments is bad for you the client and Contemporary Dentistry.   We award 50 HY-Points for on-time, honored, original appointments. Rescheduled appointments do not qualify for HY-Points but are a pre-requisite to re-qualify for HY-Points at your next wellness visit. So, if you miss an appointment and do not re-schedule then you cannot qualify for future “Attendance” points until after your next wellness visit.

Review Us Online = 50 HY-Points

People trust the opinion of others, especially where healthcare is concerned.  Given your experience with Dr. Woollery and Contemporary Dentistry you are perfectly positioned to give your HONEST opinion about our services. Each review earns 50 HY-POINTS.

Where to post your reviews online:

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HOW to Qualify to Use HY-Points

  1. Minimum Accumulated Points to begin usage: 500 HY-Points
  2. Once you begin using HY-Points you must maintain a minimum balance of 100 points to continue using HY-Points to offset in-office costs (see USING HY-Points below) at your next visit.



  1. At checkout: Simply request to use HY-Points to offset your out-of-pocket costs for that day’s visit.
  2. The dollar value of HY-Points is 10% of the accumulated amount.
    1. So, if you have accumulated 100 HY-Points then the dollar equivalent is $10!
  3. HY-Points can be used toward payment of up to 20% off your out of pocket cost for any product or service at Contemporary Dentistry.
    1. For example, if your out of pocket cost is $500 then you may get up to $100 off if you’ve accumulated and used 1000 HY-Points.
  4. You can even donate HY-Points (or arrange a group to contribute HY-Points) to help a person in need of dental services but lack the resources to pay for the care.
  5. HY-Points cannot be used to reduce/pay down owed balances. HY-Points can only be used to offset costs incurred at your regularly scheduled office visit (see #1-#3 under Using HY-Points).


So, start EARNING your Healthier You Points, HY-Points, today!