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More than Dentistry!

We are whole-body health professionals passionate about caring for our clients’ oral health, moving all toward optimum health and exceptional personal wellbeing!

We believe that personal overall health depends crucially on the state of one’s personal oral health. This belief is grounded in the oral-systemic health connection…or simply that the health of the mouth impacts the health of the whole body!

Because your oral cavity is the gateway to your health, total health and lifestyle improvement can be attained using oral healthcare as a conduit to achieve better personal health and excellence in personal wellbeing and daily living.

Contemporary Dentistry’s whole-body health approach blended with our proprietary system for achieving and sustaining personal health and lifestyle excellence help clients make smarter lifestyle choices about their health, daily. The result is that our clients enjoy and experience health, wellbeing, and lifestyle success all while progressing toward and sustaining excellence in oral health!

How we make dentistry work to improve your total health, wellbeing, and daily living

In addition to benefiting from our practice of the Oral-Systemic Health (OSH) connection, every client gets the following when they join the Contemporary Dentistry family:

  • Customized Personal Health Roadmap to Improve Personal Health and Wellbeing
  • Assignment of an Accountability Partner: Your Personal Health Advocate
  • Access to our Network of Quality Local Health Partners
  • Access to our Network of Quality Local Lifestyle Partners
  • Access to our life-changing local Knowledge-2-Action health seminars


Recognizing the importance of the Oral-Systemic Health Connection, we incorporate the OSH core philosophy and science in our practice of dentistry and work to enhance our clients’ wellbeing through provision of quality local health and lifestyle partnerships that enable our clients to easily identify and utilize the best local resources so they can live better lives, longer.

Contact Contemporary Dentistry at (678) 639-0080 or book an appointment online for a no-obligation consultation to see how our approach to dentistry and whole-body health could help you and your family achieve your goals, experience what’s important to you, and live better lives, longer!