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Focus on Total Health & Wellbeing

Dentistry is not solely about your oral health, it is all about your total health and wellbeing!

Our commitment to Total Health Dentistry is demonstrated by the fact that every client is enrolled in our proprietary Total Health Program that delivers the following:

  • Customized Personal Health & Wellness Roadmap
  • Assignment to your Personal Health and Wellness Advocate (PHAWA)
  • Committed focus on the systemic link between the health of your mouth and your total body health
  • Focus on Preventative Dentistry to deliver optimum oral health at minimum cost
  • Restorative Dentistry: Root canals, crowns, bridges, sealants, onlays, inlays, etc
  • The option to definitively Screen for Oral Cancer… a growing health problem!

To help our clients attain excellence in health and wellbeing our unique Total Health Program includes a wellness & wellbeing component that delivers the following:

  • A commitment to helping our clients FOCUS on intentionally creating personal wellness to enhance quality of living and hence, lifestyle happiness!
  • Access to some of the best local Strategic Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Partners via Dr. Woollery’s Dental Health Plan and Rewards Program
  • Access to Health & Wellness Seminars and resources that transforms personal health through education…an informed client is the best client!

Wellbeing is essential to complete living. Your smile is an important component to feeling complete and confident because it says a lot about you!  We can help you make it say the right things!

A brief NO OBLIGATION consultation with us can show you the amazing possibilities of cosmetic dentistry and the many ways to get your dream smile!

Dentistry is not solely about your oral health, it is all about your total health and wellbeing! Our total health dental practice was designed to help people transform their health, smiles, and lives.

We look forward to being your essential partner in health, wellness, and lifestyle success.

Start you journey to personal health excellence today!

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