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Personal Health Advocates

Your Personal Health and Wellness Advocate (PHAWA)

With your customized roadmap for personal health success and a TRUSTED PERSONAL HEALTH ADVOCATE by your side, living your best life, longer just got easier!

Dr. Woollery and team of health advisors and health advocates view their most important function as being invaluable partners in her client’s journey to health, wellness, and lifestyle excellence. The key ingredient in clients’ travels to goal attainment is having enough HEALTH to achieve and enjoy them.

Your personal health advocate’s core purpose is to serve as an encourager and rich resource that helps you get to your destination in the best state of health, having a comprehensive understanding of what is most important to you!

Your Health Deserves an Advocate…Your Body and Wellbeing be Forever Grateful You Made the Choice!

What your Health Advocate Does for You, Your Health, and Your Body:

  • Help you define what’s important to you
  • Help you create your Personal Health Roadmap
  • Help you set worthy health and lifestyle goals
  • Help you define Essential Milestones in your journey to health excellence and what’s important to you!
  • Work with you to create an action plan to make your roadmap a reality!
  • Introduce you to an array of resources to make your journey easier
  • Serve as your personal accountability partner in health & wellness
  • Celebrate your victories!
  • And more….


The most valuable service we provide to our clients is to act as guides in helping them accumulate the health necessary to create and live the life they want. Like a travel agent helping a customer plan a trip around the world, your personal health advocate has an important task to accomplish…Help you GROW YOUR HEALTH STOCK so you can live a long disease free and pain free life!

How serious are you about taking your HEALTH to the next level?

Take the first step to Prioritizing your health today!

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