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Welcome to Contemporary Dentistry, the dental practice of Dr. Magualie Woollery.

When you choose to entrust your care to Dr. Woollery and her team of health advisors and health advocates you will find comfort in knowing that we implore every client to adopt a simple but powerful mantra developed by Dr. Woollery:

“Health is essential to life and wellbeing, therefore make yours excellent!”

As strong advocates for the individual’s pursuit of personal health excellence, we implore you to understand that what happens in your mouth…does not stay in your mouth…and ultimately impacts your overall health and lifestyle! Dentistry is not solely about your oral health, it is all about your total health!

All of our care is grounded in the in the oral-systemic health connection…or simply that the health of the mouth impacts the health of the whole body!

Our desire is to work with and help people who embrace the value of partnership in attaining excellence in daily health, wellness, wellbeing, and quality of living.

We hope you share in our vision and look forward to meeting and working with you in a mutually beneficial partnership that moves you and your family to a sustainable state of Personal Health and Wellbeing Excellence!

We would love to talk with you about your family’s dental needs and overall journey to sustainable health excellence.

Start you journey to personal health excellence today!

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