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Why We Are Different

Four things differentiate us from other family and general dentistry offices:

  • We believe that the oral cavity is the gateway to your health!
  • Personal Health and Wellbeing Road Map for every client
  • Assignment of Personal Health and Wellbeing Advocate (PHAWA) to each client
  • Client access to local strategic Health and Lifestyle partners that share our purpose of helping people live better lives, longer

Personal whole-body health depends crucially on the state of one’s personal oral health. This belief is grounded in the oral-systemic health connection…that the health of one’s mouth impacts the overall health of the whole body!

Recent scientific literature suggests a strong relationship between oral disease (such as gingivitis and chronic periodontitis) and other systemic diseases and medical conditions.

Many times, the first signs of unnatural systemic health conditions reveal themselves in changes within the oral cavity.

The most significant areas identified to date to have suspected oral systemic connection are: cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, fetal development, diabetes, orthopedic implant failure, and kidney disease, to name a few.

In all of the above mentioned medical conditions, oral bacteria and periodontal disease are suspected contributing factors.  In some cases, it may be the periodontal pathogenic bacteria that’s the culprit.  In other cases, it may be the secondary inflammatory response within the body that may initiate or aggravate an underlying medical condition.  Whatever the pathway, it is imperative that patients understand periodontal disease, and how it may be treated or prevented.

Our Solution:

We care enough about the health and wellbeing of our clients to develop a unique 4 step approach to patient care:

  1. Help all clients develop personal health road maps so they can effectively pursue, achieve, and sustain personal health, wellbeing, and lifestyle excellence!
  2. Assign each client a dedicated personal health and wellbeing advocate that serves as their champion in pursuing health excellence, and
  3. Partner with each client’s team of healthcare providers to help them prevent disease and better manage their personal health
  4. Provide local resources through strategic partnerships that help our client live and experience their best lives now!

It is our philosophy that total health and lifestyle improvement can be attained using oral healthcare as a conduit to achieve better personal health and excellence in personal wellbeing and daily living.

Contemporary Dentistry’s whole-body health approach blended with our proprietary system for achieving and sustaining personal health and lifestyle excellence help clients make smarter lifestyle choices about their health.

The result is that our clients enjoy and experience health, wellbeing, and lifestyle success all while progressing toward and sustaining excellence in oral health!

Request a complimentary consultation with a Personal Health and Wellbeing Advocate or request an in-office appointment today.